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What is your favorite kind of pancake?

What is your favorite kind of pancake?

Even if you don’t need to use up all your eggs, milk, and fat before Lent begins, you can still celebrate Shrove Tuesday with pancakes.

Years ago, I taught a second-grade Sunday School class. The topic for the day was saying grace.  I asked if everyone said grace before their meals. One little fellow told me “except when we have pancakes”.   He had no idea why not.  

Curiosity got the better of me so I asked his mother. She looked puzzled, then began to blush.  She starting cooking the first batch of pancakes before the rest of the family arrived. She distributed the pancakes, then return to the grill to cook more.  She never noticed that they didn’t say grace because the whole family was not seated at the beginning of the meal.

Tips for avoiding pancake-making mistakes                                                                       

Before you start looking up which pancake recipe you want to try, maybe you should start here to see tips on avoiding common errors when making pancakes.

Pancake Recipes

If you like your pancakes plain, here is a simple old fashioned recipe.

I love fruit in my pancakes. I am always disappointed when a restaurant has Blueberry Pancakes on the menu and they turn out to be plain pancakes with some sort of blueberry syrup on the top. I usually make my blueberry pancakes by pouring the pancake batter on the grill, then sprinkling on fresh blueberries.  If you don’t have fresh blueberries, this recipe uses frozen berries.  He mixes the blueberries into the batter and lets the batter sit for an hour.

Another favorite, especially in the fall when it is apple season in Maine, I love to make Apple Pancakes. I just added cinnamon and diced apples to my pancake batter. If you don’t want to stand over a grill making conventional pancakes, here is a baked version of Apple Pancakes.

Now I’ve done it!  I won’t be able to stop thinking about pancakes.  Guess I will have to go make some!   Hmmm…. sausage or bacon?




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