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About Treats and Treasures

This is YOUR blog:

Sure I will be the one writing it, but a blog can only be successful if people read it.

The “treats” refers to cooking and the “treasures” refers to crafting. Cooking and crafting are both very broad topics and there is an almost infinite number of categories under each. Certainly any one of these category merits its own blog. So why are these two broad topics teamed together? Well, it’s all about the holidays and seasons.

The Holidays:

A Google search for a list of US holidays will return several lists with over 300 holidays. Many are only observed locally. Some do not bring cooking or crafting to mind. For some holidays, the blog will acknowledge them and give a brief description of what they are or why they are celebrated.

For example, Ground Hog Day: no recipes and very little craft ideas come to mind. No… there will NOT be a ground hog soup recipe.. no matter how unhappy you are with Phil’s predictions!!

Other holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas provide a wealth of cooking and crafting opportunities. The blog will get a good head start on those holidays because you cannot wait until the last minute to whip up all the treats or treasures I am sure you will be inspired to create.

In Between Holidays:

Some months (like February) are so full of holidays the blog will be devoted just to the holidays.  In other months (like August) there is not a holiday in sight.  In between holidays, the blog will go international.  I have randomly selected several countries.  When celebrating a country the trivia portion will be general information about the country and its history.  The cooking section will be devoted to popular recipes from that country. The crafts maybe something you can make that represents the country and/or kids educational crafts. 

Occasionally there will be general information posts that do not relate to a particular recipe or craft.  The cooking post might have things like food safety tips,  baking tips,  and how to pack brown sugar.  The craft posting might be things like which glue is best for the treasure you are creating or how to spray paint.

There is a wealth of information on the internet, but most people don’t have time to sit and browse for hours. I do not want to limit the blog to only my ideas and recipes. For those two reasons, I will find, prescreen and imbed videos and/or provide links to websites that tie into the blog topic.


The recipes are displayed on recipe cards.  There are two button on each recipe, a SAVE and a PRINT.  When you select SAVE, the recipes are saved to your Yumprint account.  If you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out at  It is free to join.  You can build menus, grocery lists, keep a list of recipes you want to try, and build your own customized recipe book of your favorites.


From time to time there will be information sheets, activity and coloring pages you can download for free.

Items to Purchase:

In addition to the free downloads, there will be opportunities to purchase items relating to the blog. This includes items like patterns, craft kits, crafting materials, adult and children coloring and activity books, cookbooks, and craft books. Most of the books will be in both eBook and physical form so you can either download them or order a copy.

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