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Chinese New Year Traditional Cuisine

Chinese New Year Traditional Cuisine

A central theme of Chinese New Year is symbolism and superstition.  If you want your year to start out lucky, consider including these seven lucky foods on your New Year Eve Menu.

 Chinese New Year’s Eve

The new year is celebrate on January 27th in 2017.  It is a time for special gatherings of the entire family for a reunion dinner.  Many dinner menus will contain seven foods that are considered especially lucky.  The selection of ingredients, the way the food is prepared, and how it is served all influence the amount of luck that will be obtained.

Serving fish will increase prosperity. Dumplings and Spring Rolls will influence wealth.  Glutinous rice cakes will bring a higher income or promotion.  Sweet rice balls will bring family togetherness.  Longevity noodles bring happiness and longevity.  Good Fortune Fruit will promote fullness and wealth.

While doing research, I came across this site which I think you will enjoy. If goes into greater detail about each of the seven lucky foods.


I also searched through the YouTube library and found these videos so you can watch some of the lucky foods being prepared.






NIAN GOA (Glutinous Rice Cake)


TANG YUAN (Sweet Rice Balls)




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