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Check out this incredible Swiss craft – Decoupage

Check out this incredible Swiss craft – Decoupage

As we travel to different countries and different regions of the United States, I will be searching for local arts and crafts that I hope will interest you.

Switzerland is home to many artisan.  If you read the trivia portion of this post, you saw the watches.  The picture I included shows a multi-function watch made up of 573 pieces.  That takes an incredible amount of fine work and dexterity.  Well, highlighted here is another craft that requires a lot of patience and a steady hand.  After a 600 year trip out of China, decoupage made its way to Switzerland in the 1800’s.

Swiss decoupage are pictures made from a single sheet of paper into which is cut an intricate silhouette design.  The scenes usually depict rural scenes, chalets, mountains, farm animals, plants, and flowers. Most are done with black paper on a white background. The designs are cut using small scissors, cutters and scalpels 













The Swiss association Freunde des Scherenschnitts (Friends of Découpage) now has more than 500 members. You will not find any schools in Switzerland that teach the art.  It is done by self-taught independent artists. Most découpage artists have another source of income or a partner who works. Only five make a living from découpage alone.

Here are some other examples:


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