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Groundhog Cupcakes

Groundhog Cupcakes

First the Cookies

Start with a batch of your favorite chocolate rolled out cookie recipe.  Cut out just the top half of your groundhog cookie cutter.  I didn’t have a groundhog cookie cutter, so I used a dinosaur one and tweaked the head a bit. 

Groundhog Cupcakes


Chocolate rolled cookies

Chocolate pudding

Chocolate cupcakes




Bake the cookies as directed. 

I drew the details with a really neat product I found by Wilton. They are edible food markers.

Store the cookies in an airtight container until you are ready to use them.

Chocolate Pudding

Next, Make chocolate instant pudding and refrigerate until ready to use.


Now, whip up a batch of your favorite chocolate cake batter and make cupcakes.  I made a couple of extras to make crumbs.


Color half of your choice of frosting green (for grass) and leave half white (for snow).


Pipe or use a knife to frost around the top edges of the cupcakes, leaving a small circle in the middle.

Fill an icing bag with chocolate pudding.  If you don’t have one, fill a food storage bag and cut one of the corners off.  Insert the end of the bag into the center of the cupcake and squeeze a dollop of pudding inside the center of the cupcake.  Leave a small mound at the top.

Place the groundhog cookie in the center of the mound and press gently down into the pudding and icing.

Sprinkle the cupcake crumbs around the groundhog.



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