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Happy Groundhog Day Banner and Maze

ground hog day banner

Happy Groundhog Day Banner and Maze

Here is a banner you can print and hang at your Groundhog Day celebration.  Before the ground hog can see his shadow, he has to find his hole.  Help him out!OKAY… so I goofed!  I put a blank between ground and hog.  I already gave the banner to a local school so I can’t redo the photo.  Luckily all the letters are capital… so you can do it the right way when you make yours!

Here is the Happy Groundhog Day banner. 

(1)  Click on the picture to open the file. From there you can either print it right away, or you can download it to your computer to print later.

(2)  Cut out all of the pieces along the outside edge.  To save paper, three letters are printed on each page.  Pictures are printed two on a page.

(3)  Each picture and letter has a tab at the top. Fold the tab over and glue along the edge. 

(4)  When dry, feed a string or piece of wire through the top. 

(5)   I strung a pony bead in between each piece to leave a small separation and add a bit of decoration. 

(6)  Tie a slip knot at each end to make a loop for hanging.  An easy way to make a slip knot is to just tie a regular bow, pull on one of the loops

        until the end comes out.  You are left with a small adjustable noose.

ground hog banner

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Help the Groundhog Find Its Hole

If you have little ones, you can give them this maze and they can help the groundhog find his hole.  Well, actually you can do it yourself if you like.  I won’t tell. Just click on the picture and the PDF will open in a separate window.  You can print it now or save it to your computer to print later.

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