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Take Action Follow a Heart-Healthy Diet

Take Action Follow a Heart-Healthy Diet

I was going to include some heart healthy recipes, but I decided to share a few websites I came across in my research instead.

Heart Health Meals in 20 Minutes or Less

Not a lot of time to cook? This website has eleven recipes for heart-healthy meals you can prepare in 20 minutes or less.  The pictures look delicious!

American Heart Association

This is a non-profit organization originally formed in 1924 as the Association for the Prevention and Relief of Heart Disease.  Here is one of the pages in their web site that is packed with information and recommendations about nutrition, grocery shopping, and making healthy choices.

This is page has a list of the top ten topics in healthy eating:

7-Day Heart Healthy Meal Plan

Eating Well Magazine has a 7-Day Heart-Healthy Meal Plan. They have a tool that asks your weight and if you want to maintain that weight or lose one or two pounds a week.  Based on your responses, they recommend the number of calories a day that that you should consume.  You can then select one of their five caloric level menu plans. You can find more information at:

Cut the Fat and Salt

The Mayo Clinic advices: “Cut the fat and salt” and provides a sample meal plan for two days of heart-healthy eating at this website:

Mayo Clinic Diet Profile

Also from the Mayo Clinic, I located a website that offers a free diet profile you might want to check out. After receiving your profile, you will be asked to pay $4.00 a week (billed $52.00 per quarter). If you are serious about losing weight and getting healthier, that is a small price to pay for the benefits the program offers.

After you provide a few vital statistics, they will give you a personalized meal plan, lots of recipes, portion control guides, and motivational tips. They have interactive apps and tracking tools so you can monitor your progress.  They also compile a personalized workout and exercise guides with tips for all ages.

Here is the address if you are interested in checking it out:




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