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Make these Mardi Gras costume accessories

Make these Mardi Gras costume accessories

The jester hat and crown are great for kids crafts or adult parties.  You need only adjust the size!

Jester Hat


Felt in Mardi Gras colors:  purple, green, and gold






(1) Start my measuring the size of the head that will be wearing the hat.  Measure around where the headband will be worn.

(2) Make two-inch wide strips of card stock. Overlap the strips about one inch and staple.  Join as many strips together as it takes to fit the measurement you made in step 1 plus two inches.  Overlap the end and staple together to make a circle.  Set aside.


(3)  Decide how many point you want.  Divide the headband measurement by the number of points to determine how wide the bottom of the triangle must be.  The hat in the picture has 6 points and the headband measured 18 inches, so the base of each triangle had to be 3 inches.  Next, decide how high you want the points to be.  I made mine 10 inches long. 

(4)  Make a pattern for the triangle.  (1) Draw a line to make the base of the triangle.  Mark the center of the line.  (2) Draw a line the height of the point up from the center mark.  (3) Now draw a line to connect the top of that line to the left side of the base, and (4)another to the right side.  You now have a triangle the size you need for your points.  Use your new pattern to cut 6 triangles from cardstock.

(5)  Using the cardstock triangles for a pattern, cut out the felt.  Cut the felt a little larger than the cardstock all the way around (as shown in the picture to the left.  If you are making 6 points, cut 4 triangles of each color. 


(6)  Run a line of glue at the base of the cardstock triangle and attach it to one of the felt triangles.  Next, run a line of glue all the way around the edge of the felt and attach another piece of felt.  Repeat the process six times. 

(7)  Glue a bell  on the tip of each point.


 (8)  Cut strips of felt wide enough to wrap around the headband and long enough to cover it.  I used 9 inch wide felt, so I just cut the pieces in half.  Lay a strip of felt on the table.  Place the headband in the center.  Wrap the bottom of the felt half-way up the headband and glue.  Continue all the way around, gluing on additional strips as needed. 


(9) Turn the headband around.  Lay a triangle on the inside so the bottom meets the bottom of the headband.  Wrap the headband felt up around and pin.  Add the rest of the triangles overlapping them slightly.  If they do not come out evenly at the end, adjust the amount of overlap between the triangle.  When you are happy with the placement, glue the triangle to the headband, then glue the bottom of headband felt up over.

(10) Shape the triangle as desired. 





All Types of Bling

The sky is the limit for sources of bling.  The ones shown on the left are very easy on the budget.

At the top is a container of sequins.

At the center, there are sheets of “jewels” I picked up at the dollar store.  The sheets on the left are joined into peel off strips.  They are pre-glued and easy to apply to anything.  The sheets on the right are individual jewels with glue on the back.

At the bottom are glitter sticks.  They come in a variety of colors.


Kings Crown


Gold felt

Cereal box cardboard

Card Stock




The basic technique is the same as used on the jester hat.  The triangles are smaller and I used cardboard instead of card stock inside the triangles so they point would stand up.  Apply bling to your heart’s content.

Mask 1 and 2


Feather floral picks



I was shopping at the craft store for feathers for the mask.  They have an entire section of feathers. I spent a few minutes trying to mix and match the types and colors.  I finally settled on three packages.  They were rather expensive, but I wanted to make the feathered masks.  As I continued to shop, I walked by the floral department and spotted these floral picks.  They had all the same feathers I had chosen, they were already joined together, and they cost a LOT less


With one feather pick on the side or with two feather picks in the center.




Mask 3




You can glue any kind of bling on a mask.  For this mask, I just used glitter sticks.  You could also use sequins.  Anyone who has used sprinkle on glitter can attest to how easily it gets everywhere!  I would not use it on a mask because it is too close to the eyes.  Use glitter glue instead.


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