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Marriage and Valentines Day

Marriage and Valentines Day

If you read the previous post about Valentine’s gifts, you saw that each year over 6,000 couples become engaged on Valentine’s Day.  It is a day to start new beginnings.  Surprisingly enough, it is also a day that signals a lot of endings!

Marriage and Valentine’s Day

One might think that a lot of people get married on that day. There is an abundance of statistics about marriage every which way, but I was not able to find any numbers specific to Valentine’s Day marriage.  What I did find was something that surprised me and may surprise you as well.

Divorce filings spike with a 40% increase right after Valentine’s Day. That represents the highest rate of the year. There are probably several things that contribute to this phenomena.

(1) Divorce filings are at their lowest during November and December. People do not want to ‘ruin the holidays’ by filing for divorce.

(2) People often receive Christmas and year-end bonuses from work.  Spouses may be waiting to find out how much bonus was paid and what the financial situation for the upcoming year looks like.

(3) Many people make a New Year’s resolution to become single and take a month to work up to fulfilling the resolution.

(4) Spring is still a ways off for Northerners who are feeling the effects of cabin fever and just feel like it is a good time to cut loose of all the oppression.

(5) Apparently, a very big deciding factor is the outcome of Valentine’s Day.  Men can sometimes be forgiven for not remembering their anniversaries or spouses birthdays. No way can they justifying forgetting a highly publicized holiday like Valentine’s Day.  The reminders are everywhere. Many people gauge the success of their relationship by the way their spouse celebrates Valentine’s Day.  A lackluster Valentine’s Day may mean the end of a relationship.  Breaking up after a disappointing Valentine’s Day not only applies to married couples but dating couples as well.

I think the message here is that if you value your relationship, don’t forget to let your significant other know how much you do on Valentine’s Day.


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