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Recipe Suggestions for the Big Super Bowl Eatathon

Recipe Suggestions for the Big Super Bowl Eatathon

Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food day on the year in America.  Thanksgiving is first. 

Food and the Super Bowl

Check out the trivia post for statistics on how much food is eaten.


Chicken Wings

Wings are one of the most popular finger foods, but they leave you holding a plate of bones when they are done.  I like serving boneless chicken wings instead.  When they are gone, they are gone!

Here’s a recipe for Boneless Buffalo Wings that are prepared in the deep fat fryer:

If you like Applebee’s wings, check out this copy cat recipe:

If you prefer an alternative to deep fat frying, here is a baked boneless chicken wing recipe:


Not Just Finger Food

Instead of serving just finger food, how about a couple of main dishes for half time? You can prepare them the day before.  Slow cooker recipes are great and lasagna is always better heat up on the second day.   I just Googled  “lasagna”.  In response “About 38,400,000 results”.   Chili recipe “About 4,820,000 results”.    It would take several years to check out all of those recipes.  Why not save some time and give these a try.

I love putting ground sausage in my lasagna instead of using all beef.  I also love throwing in some spinach.  It’s a great way to sneak in a serving of vegetables when no one is paying attention.  I cold build a recipe listing what I use, but I found a fantastic recipe already done.

If you want something that takes a lot less effort than lasagna, check out their baked ziti recipe.

I always start my chili with bacon, then add in some ground sausage and ground beef.  This guy throws in some beer as well.  What better football game meal that this?

If you want a change from regular chili, try serving Chili Verde.  This is a recipe that is posted all over the internet.

Cornbread goes great with both the Chili and Chili Verde. This recipe is my favorite because it uses creamed corned, green chili peppers, and cheese.  It is moist and delicious.  Makes me want to go bake some right now. 






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