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From Super Bowl I to Super Bowl LI

From Super Bowl I to Super Bowl LI

There have been a lot of changes since Super Bowl I.  Check out a few and gasp at some of the food statistics.

The First Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the National Football League’s championship game. The winner of the final round of playoff games in the NFC (National Football Conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference) will compete in the Super Bowl. 

The first Super Bowl was played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on January 15, 1967.

It was the Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City.  Super Bowl LI (51) will be played in Houston Texas on February 5, 2107. The New England Patriots will play the Atlantic Falcons.  

30-second Commercials

Super Bowl commercials have become an institution in their own right.  One survey claims that 17.7% of respondents feel the commercials are more of a draw that the game itself.  The first “famous” Super Bowl commercial was an ad for Noxzema Skin Cream in 1974.  The ad starred football legend, Joe Namath.  Where else can a company get an audience of over 110 million?

A 30-second commercial in the first Super Bowl 1 cost $42,000. A 30-second commercial in Super Bowl LI will cost $5.5 million ($5,500,000). If you’d like to see a complete chart of the commercial prices starting with the first Super Bowl, check out this site.

Player Bonuses

After Super Bowl I, as the winning team, each player on the Packer team received a bonus of $15,000. Kansas City players received $7,500.  For Super Bowl LI, The winning team player will take home a bonus of $107,000 each, and the losers get $97,000.

Food Facts

Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest food-consuming day of the year in the United States.  Thanksgiving is the largest.  Americans will spend $14.3 billion ($14,300,000,000) preparing for the Super Bowl.  Most of that will be spent on food and drinks.

The National Chicken Council reports that 1.25 billion (1,250,000,000) chicken wings will be eaten on game day. The Haas avocado board expects about 240 million (240,000,000) avocado to be consumed.  Potato chip factories will supply 11.2 million (11,200,000) pounds of chips. Forty-eight million will order pizza delivered (more than five times as much as a regular Sunday).


According to a Men’s Fitness article, Americans consume 325.5 million gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday. That is one gallon for every man, woman, and child. That can only mean there are a lot of people drinking more than a gallon each (you know who you are!)

Trivia Game

If you are having a Super Bowl party and want to have a game of trivia during, check out this website to get some trivia questions (complete with answers).









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