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Valentine Cookie Bouquet

Valentine Cookie Bouquet

Not all bouquets are made from flowers.  Some are edible! 

I needed to make something for a Valentine’s auction.  I found this Valentine Cookie Bouquet recipe, but it was made with live flowers.  Valentine’s Day was still ten days away, so I made my bouquet with all cookies.   You can follow the recipe for the cookies and frosting.  Here’s is how I made my bouquet.



(1)  Make the cookies according to the recipe inserting a craft dowel in the cookie that is going on the bottom. Instead of making all hearts, I made some cookies shaped like flowers. 



(2)  After the cookies are assembled,  place each one in a treat bag and secure the bottom with the ties that come with the bags.








(3) Next, cut two sheets of blue tissue paper in the shape of a fan.  

(4)  For extra support, cut out a piece of card stock and place in the center.

(5)  Fold several layers of green together to cut out the  leaves.  Fan out the leaves and tape in place. 




(6)  Arrange the cookies over the top of the leaves.







(7)  Wrap the bottom of the tissue paper as shown on the left.

(8)  Add a bow.  I used deco mesh ribbon.






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