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Make this Charming Valentine Card Couple

Make this Charming Valentine Card Couple

If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to invest in expensive commercial greeting cards, make your own.  The recipient is sure to appreciate the extra effort you put in to make it yourself!


1 sheet card stock for card

1 piece red card stock (or construction paper)

2 scraps of ribbon

2 sets wiggly eyes

7 fake rhinestones (not shown in picture)

Before we get started, I have to take a minute to talk about wiggly eyes.  I was surprised at all the variations they now produce.  They are definitely not you grandmother’s round, black wiggly eyes.  Check out this website.   Just to name a few… there are eyes with painted eyelashes, colored eyes, colored eyes with irises, oval eyes, neon eyes. 


(1)  Fold the card stock in half to make the card. Run a pen up and down the fold to flatten it out and make a crisper fold.

(2)  Cut two hearts from the red card stock and position them where you like on the front of the card.

(3)  Glue the wiggly eyes in place.  Even though some wiggly eyes come with adhesive on the back, I always glue them on. 

(4)  Draw the faces with a marker.

(5)  Tie the scraps of ribbon in bows and glue on. 

 (6)  I added a bit of bling with some fake rhinestones.                                                                                                            



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