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Valentines Cards Made with Fuse Beads

Valentines Cards Made with Fuse Beads

Fuse beads are not only great entertainment for kids projects, but they can be used in crafts for every holiday and special occasion. 

Fuse Beads

They are used for simple designs (like the one for this Valentine’s Card) or some very elaborate creations.  Apparently they have also become a source of income.   Check out some fuse bead creations on this Esty pages. or

I was researching the difference between Melty beads and Perler beads and I discovered there are several other types of beads as well.  I found a great explanation of  the difference between Perler, Hama, Fuse, Melty, Nabbi, and Pyssla Beads.  The author has experimented with each and offers insight into her favorites.

Valentine’s Card Heart


1 heart-shaped form

Red and white fuser beads

Ironing sheet

1 sheet card stock



(1)  Start by setting up your ironing equipment close by to where you are working.  Place the ironing sheet beside the iron.  You don’t want far to travel unless you really enjoy picking up tiny beads and starting over again.  Don’t ask me how I know!

(2)  Place red beads on the form post starting in the center of the form. Leave the outermost row of pins empty.

(3)  Place white beads on the outer row.

(4)  Place the ironing sheet over your project. Keeping the iron completely flat, iron your project in a circular pattern for just a few seconds.  Keep moving. This picture shows the back after it was ironed.

(5)   Let it cool for a few seconds until it is easy to touch.  Carefully lift the heart off the form.  Ordinarily you would flip the heart over, cover with the ironing paper, and repeat the process.  If you do not iron both sides of your project, it will easily break apart.  However, since we will be gluing out heart to the card, we can skip ironing the front.  I like the look of the open beads.

(6)  Fold the card stock in half.  Use a glue that dries clear to attach the heart to the front of the card.  Add you greeting and sign!





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