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Woven Heart Valentines Card

Woven Heart Valentines Card

I remember as a child making Valentine’s card by string yarn through holes or by weaving strips of paper.  While I was deciding which I should make, I came up with the idea to combine them by weaving yarn.


1 sheet card stock for card

1 piece of red card stock for heart

Red bulky yarn




(1)  Cut a heart from the red card stock.

(2)  Place reinforcements around the edge of the heart making sure that the entire center whole is on the card stock.  Flip the heart over and place reinforcements so they line up with the ones on the other side.

(3)  Punch the red centers of the reinforcements out.

(4)  Cut two 3-foot pieces of yarn from the skein.  If the piece is too long, it will be hard to work with and will fray.  Weave until you run out, then cut another length.  You can tuck the ends under on the back side.

(5)  Yarn, especially the bulky weight, frays at the end.  It would be difficult to weave.  I took scotch tape and wrapped it around one end.  Let about one-third of the tape go beyond the end of the yarn, so it will stick to itself.  Wrap the tape very tightly.  It should look like a shoelace when you are done.

(6) Leave a couple of inches of yarn at the back.  You can hold it tape it in place until you have a place to tuck it in.  Pull the yarn up through one on the holes and down through the hole directly across from it.  I stopped half way and started weaving the second strand of yarn.  Continue until all of the holes are filled.


(7)  Fold the card stock in half. Run a pen along the fold to flatten it out and make it crisp.

(8)  Glue the woven heart to the cardstock.  Add your heartfelt saying.

Notes:  You could use a lighter weight yarn for smaller hearts.  For a kids project, you could make the heart much larger and just attach to an unfolded sheet of card stock.


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